The European ToowayTM satellite internet service is simple, super-fast and available for everyone, everywhere, now...
Simple: One quick installation and away you go. It's easy. All you need is a small 75cm satellite dish and indoor unit (modem). Our certified engineers will do everything for you, or you can self-install. You don’t need a phone line.
Super-fast: High-speed satellite internet straight into your home or business, offering speeds up to 18Mb/s download and 6Mb/s upload. That's up to 36 times faster than low-rate ADSL connections.
For everyone: For your family or for work, there’s a package to suit you. Service is available from just € 29,95 / month
Everywhere, now: 100% fast internet coverage throughout the Algarve region. No need to wait for fixed-network upgrades. Ideal for locations with poor or no ADSL coverage.
Added benefits: Access to internet telephone services such as Skype. You can share your ToowayTM internet connection over wired and wireless networks.
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