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Fast Broadband Internet Connection and Satellite TV
For everyone at every location the best solution
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For people who have problems with their internet connection via ADSL or slow connection via 3G data network
Physical access to broadband is obviously the most important factor in gaining access to the Internet. However, broadband is delivered via different technologies, and the type of technology determines the range of speeds delivered to your computer. Many other factors will determine the speed of your connection and more importantly, how quickly you can access information, download files, or receive e-mails.
Speed = Quality (about speed)
We can provide you advice and deliver stable, better broadband internet and / or satellite television.
Services for:
Broadband Internet via
Satellite Television via
Astra 1 (DE)
Astra 3 (NL / DE)
Hotbird (DE / PT )
Wireless Network Expansion
Webcam security (wireless)
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Call: (00351) 939 769 396

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Contact information:
Sitio de Nora CCI 108N
8375-057 Nora (S.B. de Messines)
Algarve - Portugal
Phone: 939769396
N.° de Cont.: 277153808
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Who we are
We have wide range of broadband internet solutions. Also specialized in Satellite television and also in combination with Internet Satellite. We can offer our customers the best value for money. We are reseller of the best hardware and network providers and then add our own commitment to service excellence to deliver, what we believe are simply the best satellite internet and television packages available. It's our dedication to service partnered with our investment in the best satellite internet technology and infrastructure that make us stand out in the market and have helped us secure our position.

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